30 Dec

I remember when we both realized that years ago, we didn’t mind getting late replies from each other. After a couple of years, we couldn’t stand not getting text messages asap. Now, we have nothing.


One Day

12 Nov

Sometimes in my tears I drown. But I never let it get me down. So when negativity surrounds, I know someday it will all turn around.


31 Oct

Let go and let GOD.

This is for you, Bear

24 Oct

The past is haunting me. But I won’t let it defeat me. I will look at how far I’ve become.


I won’t miss you, earthly pleasures. I won’t.

Getting There

20 Oct

Getting There

Unti-unti na kitang buburahin. One step at a time. 🙂

Thank You.

20 Oct

I had mixed feelings going to work yesterday–happy and lazy. I was happy because Friday is the last working day of the week but thinking of the 9 hours I have to endure fought that little window of happiness. Nakakatamad naman talaga mag-work sa Friday. But yesterday was not an ordinary Friday. I was really tired the whole day because I had so much to do! But God never fails to surprise me. He did not allow my day to end that way. For the first time in my current job, I had a lot of VERY GOOD and CONGRATULATIONS from different departments. I owe everything to the Lord. Thank You, Lord. Every morning I pray to Him and ask beg Him to accompany me, be with me, and guide me at work. It’s not that I feel invincible now, it’s just that I appreciate what happened yesterday. Napa-Yakimix tuloy kami ni ate kagabi. Salamat talaga, Lord. ‘Wag kang magsawa sa pagsama sa akin sa work 😉


Til December:Pe…

14 Oct

Til December:


Hair color

Hair treatment


A good body scrub/massage

New tattoo!

G/U/E area


Next year:

new bike!

C Service Exam